Women in SA

Georgia Women in SA Contacts:

All women who are seeking recovery in SA from their addictive sexual behavior and would feel more comfortable speaking with a woman SA first are invited to call 770-686-7503 or email atlwisa@gmail.com.

Or you can contact the SA office in Nashville for more information on Women in SA (“WISA”):
E-mail: saico@sa.org
Phone: (615) 370-6062
Toll-free: (866) 424-8777
Fax: (615) 370-0882

Women in SA: International Resources Available

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International Women’s SA Phone Meeting: Women’s Phone Meeting meets Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific Time. Participants are pre-screened to keep meetings private and safe. Meeting Since 2003.

Women in SA Yahoo Group (shares by email): Participants are pre-screened to keep messages private and safe. Participants must have a private email address. Ongoing since 2006.

Women’s Phone list for Women in SA and Newcomer Women — An active list of SA women willing to sponsor or share their experience, hope & recovery with newcomers and other women in SA.

Services are for women who desire SA sobriety, including no sex with self or a partner other than her husband.

To join or receive more information, call SA International Central Office (SAICO) at 866-424-8777. Ask for “Women in SA” resources.

Attention SA Women! Women’s Phone Numbers Needed for International Contact List

SA International Central Office (SAICO) maintains a list of women’s phone numbers to provide to women throughout the fellowship who desire connection with other women. We need more numbers! We would like to have contacts in every geographical region of the globe.

(1) Minimum one-year SA sobriety,
(2) Willingness to provide phone number contact information, and to sponsor or share experience, strength, and hope with other women.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email or call SAICO (email preferable) at saico@sa.org, or call 866-424-8777. Please provide the following information:

* Contact Info: Name, phone number, email address, sobriety date
* Availability to Sponsor by Phone: Yes or No?
* Location: Home group and city, state, and time zone
* Calling Preferences: Best time to call and whether it is OK to leave a message
* Special service capabilities and interests: (Other Women’s Services Needed):

– Twelve Step calls to newcomers,
– Sponsors by mail or email,
– Fluency in languages other than English, and
– Computer skills

If you would like to receive a copy of the list, please contact SAICO. Sorry, guys, these contacts are for women only.

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